A Travel story almost verging on Spiritualism

Life Unknown – A Passage through India by Kartikeya Ladha.‘ We forget that all the joy to be experienced in life lies in these little moments’ – I think these lines from the book embodies this book the best! There is a soul in all of us that wants to breaks out of the monotonyContinue reading “A Travel story almost verging on Spiritualism”

Fast Paced Story of Acquiring Supernatural Powers

*Book Review* Saviour – An Uncommon Tale by Sunny Sinha Arya one simple guy with aspirations and a helping heart  meets with an accident that changes his life. How?  Movements between Broken dreams and of into others worlds leads him to see the future. As soon as he re connects with Simi he seems herContinue reading “Fast Paced Story of Acquiring Supernatural Powers”

A view of vengeance with Karma in a fictious under world

*Book Review* Quaker By Rohan Singhvi In a fictious city of  Warem a game of vengeance, betrayal, and karma is being played! There is gang war in the cartels, shrewd strategy and bloodshed..‘Faith..faith is a strong word’ indeed this plays a strong emotion in the story. A milieu of some ten characters, an unique writingContinue reading “A view of vengeance with Karma in a fictious under world”

Mythology tale taken from the Ramayana

*Book Review*..The Demons of Jaitraya by Shubira Prasad..This book, first in the trilogy is inspired from the Ramayana. It speaks the tale of Sri Ram s instructions to Sri Hanuman to prepare an everlasting series of warriers who will fight the abundance of Asuras in the Kalyug who have escaped the sword of good timeContinue reading “Mythology tale taken from the Ramayana”

A book about family ties of love lost and found

‘Circumstances make people behave differently’ – This is Nikhil s story, how he had lost and found in childhood and then again the same in adulthood. The story starts with Nikhil s present life with wife Neha, daughter Riya and specially abled child Raghu. Raghu seems to be source of discontent to their social livesContinue reading “A book about family ties of love lost and found”

A Greek Goddess thought witch Retold beautifully!

Circe by Madeline Miller is a retelling of the Greek witch enigma Circe in its true name taken from Odysseus. Circe is one of the daughters of Helios, the famed Sun God, well known among the titans but she has no powers and her beauty is also lack lustre. The book was overwhelming to meContinue reading “A Greek Goddess thought witch Retold beautifully!”

Simplistic story about life s givings

This book traces the young adult to adult life of Renee and the transition she faces from her various life events. The young Renee spends her time in Calcutta Rail Colonies and change is a part of her life due to her father s transferable job..The story is simplistic, light read of a girl sContinue reading “Simplistic story about life s givings”

Revisit to Ashtavakra Gita in a simplified way

If you have been a reader of the Hindu scriptures, you must have heard of the Ashtavakra Gita – which in essential is a classical scripture like conversation between the revered vedic sage Ashravakra and Raja Janak – father of lady Sita..This book follows the essence of it and takes deep insights into the philosophiesContinue reading “Revisit to Ashtavakra Gita in a simplified way”

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