A collection of beautiful short stories

This is a collection of twenty short stories with varying themes. They are however themes which are relevant to be the grey in our lives – the unrequited love, a sudden great connection, meeting a unselfish person and sometimes they coming back in our lives, relationships undefined and then pleasure and pain of the defined. Continue reading “A collection of beautiful short stories”

A bold re imagined tale about Draupadi

‘Let History Never Remember a Draupadi or a Panchaali. Let me be a forgotten, insignificant grain in the sand of memoirs, but let not history wrong-fully remember me as a woman responsible for war and mayhem.’.The most sought after and discussed women from our great epics has probably been Draupadi. Her thoughts, logics, feelings andContinue reading “A bold re imagined tale about Draupadi”

Doting handbook to Teens

The author merges her experiences into beautiful stories and in an interactive way presents as chapters the most common emotions and questions one deals with during teenage!.This turnover period is a time of difficulties as well as recognitions. This book deals with every facet you can go through at this age. Dealing with failures, treatingContinue reading “Doting handbook to Teens”

An extraordinary tale of an ordinary man

Common men become uncommon through their feats. The story of Kishore V Sonpal told by his son Hetal Sonpal is one such autobiography.Being born at the time of political unrest in the country and into a family of poverty he went through several criticalities but never giving up. Starting at walking miles for basic education,Continue reading “An extraordinary tale of an ordinary man”

Fighting for life till your last breath

This year I think I am reading a lot of books which have been a direct reflection of my life in many many ways. Blaze from @rupa_publications by Nidhi and Sushil Poddar is the nearest. This is pure non fiction but put together into a tale that will make you think its a story. IContinue reading “Fighting for life till your last breath”

Lovely Hard bound collection of Inspirational quotes…

A lovely hard bound collection of quotes… A beautiful collection of 100 quotes I believe which have been penned from deep experiences of life.There is a quote to describe any emotion of life. Some are evaluative, thoughtful while some are simply inspiring. .The thing that resonates most with me is the relatability of the quotes.Continue reading “Lovely Hard bound collection of Inspirational quotes…”

Inspirational story about breaking out of an abusive marriage

Breaking out of a stereotype unhappy, only one side considering marriage after a physical attack in her birthday party – Tara wants to go preserve her roots in Punjab. Her relationship with her husband Tej is one that is demonstrative of many a woman in our country – tolerant of continuous abuse in form ofContinue reading “Inspirational story about breaking out of an abusive marriage”

Story of Mahabharata Matriach re thought

Retelling of the revered matriach from Mahabharat. Mother to the Pandavas, given away by her biological father, and a revered scholar – her story has always been in the shadows!.This book in this petite form however packs a punch, starting at the start and going through Kunti s life leading upto Arjun s birth inContinue reading “Story of Mahabharata Matriach re thought”

A story showing grim face of society

This story deals with how a normal happy life of a content family derails into chaos to bring on a cascade of ugly events effecting the entire society.The vivacious Pal Ghosh family from Kolkata, shifts to a mining town of rampurghat. Things go well for the two sisters and the parents with their dog tillContinue reading “A story showing grim face of society”

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