Mix of mythology and sci fiction worth a bollywood masala!

Book Review
The Last Avatar: Age of Kalki 1 by Vishwas Mudagal
Published byharpercollinsinThis book at the outset is an amalgamation of mythology and sci Fiction with a bit of emotion thrown in!
The foreword tells us of Haridas being ambushed by The Invisible Hand led by General Zar in order to gain what is the Scripture of the Gods, he is killed but the manuscript saved by a Vanaroid (hope now you will wonder less, why there is the picture of Hanuman, in a book named Kalki!)
Now, the plot is, this group alongwith Jian, the heinous son of President Wang of China, want to destroy the world order to usher in a reign of cruel Monarchy on the lines of Chenghis Khan himself! Kalki on the other hand is reckoned super hero who has helped save a lot of times. In these troubled times when states all over the world are being attacked and the Indian Parliament decimated, he is missing! Where is he?
Captivated by Jian but escaping with a enemy turned lover homo supernus Nushen he will emerge via ladakh with the Indian National Flag intact, saved from a many chase and kill attempts from General Jian!
Read the story to find out the end, which is actually a beginning to a three part trilogy!Kalki s past will surprise you and melt your heart no doubt. His never giving up policy will give you a deja vu of Harry Potter and the crimes all over the world a deja vu of Iron Man when the Mandarin had striked.A 3.75/5* read, characters are well sketched, and connected, the past and present chapter flow predictable. Its a masala plot, which is quite enjoyable!Thanks @anmoljauher and the author the copy!

Published by deosreviews

A researcher in the field of physiology with specialization in endocrinology who is a crazy bibliophile, foodie, travel addict and photographer. Also talking and making new friends come spontaneously to me but kindness to all others tops my list. Favorite genre in books include Fantasy, Contemporary, YA, Crime Fiction, Science Fiction and thrillers. Special love for Harry Potter fandom ❤️ Also growing up with Enid Blyton has made life magical from the start!

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