A confusing read about a split personality!

Book Review
The one living in me by sravan vemula published by notion.press Xpress Publishing.This is the story of a guy by the name of Mike who has a split personality disorder and he loves a girl. The story phases in and out between the original Mike and his alter ego while giving surprising reveals about Jessica, the girl he loves.
Andy and Dr James are other characters in this story. Its a short book but has a lot of fast paced action and jumps from one twist to another.
I will give appreciation to the author for the plot but there are several negatives which makes it a not so good read.The book is very badly proofread. There are several spelling mistakes, like colleagues written as colleges. There are alphabets out of print between no where. Mixed tenses and so on. Also the cover is kind of mismatched.I hope the author, who himself has provided me the copy, will make a much better work of his ideas at the next go!
2.75/5*Honestly I was very confused about what is happening and why!Needs more clarity!

Published by deosreviews

A researcher in the field of physiology with specialization in endocrinology who is a crazy bibliophile, foodie, travel addict and photographer. Also talking and making new friends come spontaneously to me but kindness to all others tops my list. Favorite genre in books include Fantasy, Contemporary, YA, Crime Fiction, Science Fiction and thrillers. Special love for Harry Potter fandom ❤️ Also growing up with Enid Blyton has made life magical from the start!

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